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Body Type Analysis

Although every individual has the three doshas – Vata, Pitta &Kapha, each of us inherits them in differing proportions. This accounts for our differences in appearance, preferences, aversions, behavioral patterns, and emotional tendencies. On account of these differences Ayurveda categorize human into 7 basic body types. They are:

  • Vatha constitution
  • Pitha constitution
  • Kapha constitution
  • VathaPitha constitution
  • VathaKapha constitution
  • PithaKapha constitution
  • VathaPithaKapha constitution

The basic knowledge of the body type helps one to determine the most auspicious lifestyle that will ensure wellness and longevity: appropriate foods, herbs, exercise regimes, medicines, therapies, and even suitable professions. Knowing one’s constitution holds the key to health, liberation and ultimately, self-realization.

Body Type Analysis – Questionnaire

To determine your own individual constitution, you will need to evaluate yourself as unbiased, accurately and honestly. Evaluate as how you are; avoid temptation to see yourself as you would like to be. Give rating based on a long term evaluation (over a period of 1-5 years) than how you feel now. A disease symptom is different from a constitution sign and symptom. You may not be of just one Dosha; most fit predominantly into one and sometimes secondarily into another and rarely into the third.

Trait-Physical & Mental Vata Pitta Kapha
Body Frame Thin Medium Broad
Weight Low / Lean Moderate Excess
Skin Color Dark, easily tanned Pinkish, coppery Fair, less tanned
Freckles & Moles Few Many Few
Skin temperature Cold Warm Cool
Skin Texture Dry Irritable, Sensitive Oily, Smooth, Thick
Sweat Scanty Excess Perspiration Moderate
Scalp Hair Dry, Frizzy, Tangle, split ends, Dull Blonde / Brown, Graying, Baldness Oily, luster, Dark
Nails Thin, Cracking, Irregular Pink, Soft, Medium Thick, Wide, White
Eyes Small, unsteady, open during sleep, Grey Hazel, Green, Sclera is reddish Large, stable, sclera is white
Bowel habits Irregular, Constipated, Gas Loose bowels, Burning Regular, Solid
Appetite Variable Strong / Sharp Constant / Slow
Voice Low / Weak Sharp / High Deep / Tonal
Speech Quick / Talkative Moderate / Argues Slow / Silent
Bothersome weather Cold & Dry Heat & Humid Cold / Damp
Sleep pattern Light Moderate Deep / Heavy
Which do you like? Travel Sports / Politics Water / Flowers
Temperament Nervous / Fearful Irritable / Impatient Easy going
Memory Quickly grasp but forgets Sharp & Clear Slow grasping, never forgets
Emotions Enthusiastic / Worries Warm / Angry Calm / Attached
Mind Quick / Adaptable Penetrating / Critical Slow / Lethargic