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My problem is that I sweat excessively, particularly from my palms and feet. Even a simple task like writing a letter becomes impossible because the paper becomes wet with sweat before I finish. I can only work properly in an air-conditioned environment. I have tried using powders, deodorants and ointments but they have not helped. I have heard of a treatment called iontophoresis. Is this effective? Please advise. -

According to Ayurveda texts, people with the body type known as pitta (medium physique, strong), are prone to excessive sweating.The severity of the condition can vary. Triggers such as anxiety, emotion, spicy foods and heat can worsen the condition.Sweating could also be a symptom of a medical condition such as an over active thyroid gland, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, hypoglycemia, spinal cord injuries, liver disease and anxiety disorders. -

Localised over-sweating may be emotionally induced and usually affects the palms, soles, and/or armpits.

For many people, the complications associated with sweaty palms and sweaty feet are attributed to stress. When stress levels are high, sweat glands go into overdrive leading to the development of what is medically termed palmoplantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating from the palms and soles).

Unlike sweating from other parts of the body, sweating from the palms and soles is responsive to emotional stimuli rather than to temperature. Therefore, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis, unlike generalised hyperhidrosis, does not occur during sleep.
Iontophoresis is the use of electric current to deliver medication through the skin to a specific area. It has been reported to functionally impair the sweat gland. Please consult an Ayurveda doctor for a detailed diagnosis. There are a few Ayurveda herbs that could help your condition. Meanwhile, here are a few tips you could try:

  • Clean your underarms with a cloth dipped in cold, concentrated black tea. The tannic acid in the tea has astringent properties that can act as a natural antiperspirant. You could also soak your palms for 20 minutes in the same liquid.
  • Avoid hot or spicy food that can worsen  the condition.
  • Reduce intake of broccoli, white onion, beef, liver and turkey.
  • Apply sandalwood paste and/or aloe vera gel on your underarms, palms and soles