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I am in my 60s and I was recently diagnosed with three slipped discs in my lower back. After medication and physiotherapy the pain has subsided. I practise yoga regularly and am a vegetarian. Please suggest long-term remedies and ways to prevent recurrence of the pain.

Intervertebral discs act as cushions between the vertebrae in our spine. Sometimes, the soft material inside a disc may bulge out of place or rupture and press on a nerve. But even so, many people who have bulging or herniated discs experience no pain from the condition.If a bulging or herniated disc presses on the main nerve that travels down your leg, it can cause sciatica - a sharp, shooting pain through the buttock and the back of the leg. In Ayurveda this is classed as a Vata disease; treatment objectives are to balance Vata and thereby alleviate pain symptoms and prevent further degenerative changes of discs and vertebrae. The following therapies help in Vata balancing and back strengthening:Kizhi: This is the application of warm roasted herbal bags dipped in Ayurvedic oils duringa massage. The treatment is very good for relieving spasms, stiffness and aches, and helps strengthen spinal muscles. -

Abhyanga: A trained expert massages lukewarm medicated oil over the body. Care should be taken to avoid pressure on the lower back during the massage.

Pizhichil: The body is made to perspire by having lukewarm herbal oils poured over it ina specific pattern, followed by a gentle massage.

Kadi Vasthy: A therapy in which a ‘bowl' made with dough and filled with lukewarm oil is placed on the lower back for 30-45 minutes.The right therapy and right oil, coupled with medication, should be chosen by an Ayurvedic doctor after a detailed consultation. In severe and chronic cases the following panchakarma therapies are also suggested:

Vasthy (an enema using medicinal liquids), Virechanam (body purification therapy) and Nasyam (Medicated oils used as nasal drops).Apply Murivenna* on to your lower back15-20 minutes prior to a warm shower.

Take Guggulu-based Ayurveda medicineson prescription.Consume milk boiled with Dasamoola*.Be careful when bending forward and continue yoga following expert instruction. - See more at: